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Cartoon Network Justice League Action Clips #JusticeLeague

Cartoon Network Justice League Action Clips #JusticeLeague

Cartoon Network Justice League Action Clips #JusticeLeague

With the hotly anticipated debut of “Justice League Action” on Cartoon Network just a few weeks away, the show arrives November i.e this month — initial Justice League Action Clips from the DC Comics inspired series have made their way online. Cartoon Network’s “Justice League Action” will feature over 150 Characters. In the first clip above, Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy return to voice the Joker and Batman, as the Clown Prince of Crime goes face to face with Superman’s foe, Mongul.

In the next Justice League Action Clips, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg find themselves under the thrall of Toyman. Batman is not amused, but Cyborg, voiced by “Teen Titans Go!’s” Khary Payton, can’t help but be impressed with the villain’s tech. The series is meant to mix humour with action so dont be too alarmed at the comedy.

Finally, we take a look into the past as Batman watches his own first encounter with Carmine Falcone thanks to the time-traveling machinations of Chronos. Luckily for Batman, Blue Beetle’s also along for the time-tossed ride.

The animated series, which will be released in 11-minute installments, sees the return of Conroy and Hamill as the voices of Batman and the Joker, respectively, along with James Woods as Lex Luthor, Diedrich Bader as Booster Gold and more. At least one of the “DC Comics Trinity” — Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman — will feature in each episode, but the overall cast is considerably larger. There are 152 characters appearing in Season 1, of which about 60 are superheroes, 40 are villains, and the rest supporting characters — “sub-villains and all that.”

John Constantine “is in quite a few early episodes, and Demon, there is an Apokalips/Darkseid story promised that has not appeared in comics, Justice League Action” will be the first animated series in ten years to star the full League so expect some very cool storylines.

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