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Google’s hidden games Easter Eggs

Those sneaky geezers @Google are known to conceal Easter Eggs in all their products. Were you aware that Google have hidden a number of Easter eggs across their products? These Easter eggs are some of the most fun games you can find hidden inside something thats meant to be used for more productive efforts! We all get a mental block and are overcome by the procrastination gods from time to time and Google’s hidden games are designed to let you blow off some steam.

The infographic below from Euroffice explains how to find awesome games like Atari Breakout [if you are old enough to remember it, you might recall spending hours on end trying to breakthrough that damn wall] and Pac-Man (for the really old-school gamers). Then there is Flappy Droid, a game hidden in your Android phone, offline games for Chrome and some real nuggets in Google Maps and Google Earth.

Fun fact, did you know Breakout was designed by Nolan Bushnell and Steve Bristow and created by Steve Wozniak aided by Steve Jobs, yes those two fellas from Apple. Breakout on Google is really easy to play with your mouse. Share your high score! Pacman plays with your arrow keys on your keyboard and its easy enough to start.

Google’s hidden games
Flappy bird is that game that went viral a few years ago and it went so crazy that the developer had to take the game down as the servers couldnt cope. Good thing Google have hidden on Android! Google Maps has a flight simulator! Who knew! Do you know of any other Google’s hidden games ?

by Euroffice
Video of Atari Breakout
There are so many more Google Easter Eggs. Not all are games but just little gimmicks and tricks that brighten up the day. Check them out.  If you know of any more shout!

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