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Marvel Powers United VR Oculus Rift

We have been following Marvel Powers United VR since it was announced as we are HUGE Marvel fanboys.

We adore the idea of a Virtual Reality Avengers and that is exactly what we have got here in Marvel Powers United VR. Being able to play as multiple avengers is mind blowing awesome enough, but there are even heroes that are not yet in the Marvel Cinematic Universe e.g. Wolverine and Deadpool! The game is immense fun AND it will provide a hefty workout when you play as a character like Captian America or The Hulk and have to join in melee combat with your enemies. The boss fights are by no means easy and be ready for a challenge. The long load times take some getting used to but once you are in then its game on! It takes a few minutes to first launch the game and about a minute when you are ready to start a mission. Other than that we don’t really have any issues with the game. Of course we are very excited to see where this game goes in the future with the inclusion of more heroes and maybe even a campaign mode of some kind, the prologue set up a great foundation for the writers to build a good story on. If you are a Marvel fan at all we think it will be very hard to resist getting your Oculus and this game.Watch the trailer above and gameplay videos below. Be warned you will want to buy it!

The announce trailer

MARVEL Powers United VR is a first-person Co-Op action game in which you take on the role of Marvel’s powerful Super Heroes, choosing from an epic roster of characters from Black Panther and Hulk to Captain Marvel and Rocket Raccoon. Battle to save the universe across rich and iconic environments inspired by Marvel Comics and more. Immerse yourself in a full-body Super Hero experience, wielding their amazing abilities using the incredible Touch controllers in dynamic and exciting gameplay. Blast enemies with photon beams, slice away with dual katanas, freeze enemies with ice blasts, and much more! If you have been waiting to invest in Oculus Rift you can buy it and the Marvel Powers United VR game from Amazon.


In Marvel Powers United VR pull off explosive combos with teammates and build up your hero’s combo meter to power up an epic super ability. Dash, fly, and leap in free movement during battles and move like only heroes can. An in-depth scoring and rewards system will lead to incredible unlockables like alternate suits, iconic decorative items, and amazing hero emotes very much akin to Fortnite.

Marvel Powers United VR

There is an amazing selection of characters so if you always used to pretend to fire webs with your web shooters or cast magic like Dr. Strange be ready to have some fun. Characters available are:-

Black Panther, Rocket, Deadpool, Captain Marvel, Hulk, Crystal, Black Bolt, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Starlord, Gamora, Captain America, Dr. Strange, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Storm and Iceman. We are not sure why Iron Man is missing? If you have still not gotten over the Infinity War ending this is your chance to right some wrongs.

Marvel Powers United VR


If you have still not gotten over the Infinity War ending this is your chance to right some wrongs. Because one of the villains is Thanos! We are also very excited about Magneto!


Marvel Powers United VR


Here is some Gameplay. Looks cool right?

For more RPG style games, many peeps seem to be quite excited for Spider-Man PS4.

Assemble your ideal Avengers team to defend the galaxy in explosive and fully immersive fights across well known Marvel locations. Unleash the stealth of Black Panther, smash bad guys as the one and only Hulk, wield Deadpool’s katanas, cast magic like Dr Strange, hurl Captain America’s shield. Get ready for battle with iconic character powers, over-the-top ultimate abilities, and a full-body transformation only possible in Oculus VR.

Marvel fans will love this for the range of characters available. Casual fans might even call it the best VR game they have ever played. Visually, on Oculus this is one of the most stunning games. Characters and environments look gorgeous. If your PC has enough power, you’re in for a real treat visually. The physics of it all are a little wonky but who cares? If anything breaks your immersion in this game, it’s the janky physics. Sound effects and musical cues well-played as if they were pulled straight from the Marvel Universe. Each character has a handful of quips that can get a little reptitive. Gameplay-wise, the star of the show is multi-player and will bring sheer joy so make sure your buddies have a Rift and want to play the game. If the developers Sanzaru add more modes and varied content you might be playing this for years.

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