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Become Your Own Hero With The Latest Superhero Gear

Become Your Own Hero With The Latest Superhero Gear

We live in the age of superheroes – superhero movies, that is. With DC and Marvel conquering movie theaters in the past few years, retailers and small businesses alike are beginning to bring the superpowers they’ve seen on screen into reality. Thanks to the work these people have put in, you don’t have to wait and try to get recruited by Stan Lee’s Superhumans anymore. The ability to see through walls, hear impossible sounds, and scale walls like Spider-man is now at your fingertips.


You’ve heard about augmented reality’s influence on the entertainment industry. Augmented reality differs from virtual reality, of course, in that it introduces a second layer of sight to your first when you put on an AR headset. AR Superhero Gear can do more, though, than make a video game more immersive. AR and systems like OrCam have restored and amplified people’s vision. Not only, then, can this wearable technology allows people to recover their vision, but it can take information from the physical world and translate it to easy-to-digest data before your eyes. Augmented reality, then, has the opportunity to work like Daredevil’s super-sense or Karen, the AI who operates inside the MCU Spider-man’s suit – and that drives home just how close we’re getting to using Superhero Gear in this day and age.

Superhero Gear


Similarly, hearings aids and headsets have evolved to the point where they’re doing more than just helping people keep up with conversation or take work calls when they’re away from the office. Soundhawk, for example – regardless of the CEO’s determination to separate this hearing device from the hearing aids your grandparents may way – created a smart listening device, capitalizing on the increased power of AI Superhero Gear in order to help people make sense of different conversations in unique and busy environments. If you’re hard of hearing, then, or even just a bit distract-able, devices like these will make it easier for you to follow a conversation – or to listen in on the secret plans of your arch-nemesis. Take your pick; we don’t judge.


There’s another technology on the rise that moves away from advances on healthcare and into the world of the fantastic. That’s right: wearable tech like the gloves created by Geck-skin is letting us walk on walls. Geck-skin has made a number of advances in the past several years, evolving to become more affordable and environmentally-friendly, but the core of its creation remains fun and pure geekdom. If you’re looking to really get in touch with your inner Spider-man without the need for a PS4, then slip on these gloves and try your hand at imitating one of comic’s most popular superheroes.

You don’t have to be limited to your imagination, then, if you want to imitate some of the world’s most beloved superheroes. The ever-evolving technology available in this day and age is making the impossible possible. Take advantage of the tech available to you, and soon enough, it’ll be your name people are seeing in their comic books.

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