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How the Valiant Entertainment Acquisition Will Affect its Cinematic Universe ?

How the Valiant Entertainment Acquisition Will Affect its Cinematic Universe ?

Valiant Entertainment , the owner of the third most popular comic book publisher globally, has been acquired by DMG Entertainment. The global media and entertainment company has diverse holdings across movies, TV shows, gaming and now comic books.

Valiant Entertainment Cinematic Universe
Valiant Entertainment Cinematic Universe

The move is part of a $300 million investment into various entertainment, tech and media enterprises with a focus on bring new properties to the Chinese market.

China is a country that DMG has already had a lot of success in, distributing movies such as Iron Man 3 to an audience of well over 1 billion people. So what does this all mean for Valiant Entertainment and its cinematic universe ? Well let’s start with the comic books themselves.

Core Comic Publishing Team To Remain

Valiant Entertainment Cinematic Universe

It’s important to remember that without the comic books, there would be no Valiant Cinematic Universe (VCU). So what does DMG plan to do with the publishing arm of the Valiant empire?

Thankfully, DMG have confirmed that they will stick with the “core Valiant publishing team” which means the ethos of producing high-quality, low-frequency comics will remain firmly in place.

There was a worry that DMG could force Valiant to follow the Marvel and DC model of flooding the market with comic books, and that their quality would suffer as a result.

Expansion of TV and Movie Franchises

Before DMG acquired Valiant Entertainment, there had already been a foray into live-action projects, such as the YouTube web series Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe.

Then in 2017 Sony confirmed they were making two motion pictures centered on one of the lead characters Bloodshot, and one of the main organizations in the comic book universe, Harbinger.

DMG have confirmed that they do not want to interfere with these two projects, with Bloodshot gaining some serious fan hype momentum after the announcement of Vin Diesel’s casting of the super-soldier.

In fact, they are likely to use their expertise to expand the reach of these films into China.

DMG’s CEO Dan Mintz is also keen on diversifying the screen offering in the VCU by orchestrating TV shows for other characters such as Quantum and Woody, which is set to be taken on as the next project for the Russo Brothers, of Avengers: Infinity War fame.

Exploration of Merchandising Opportunities
As some of you will know the Marvel Cinematic Universe was begun with Iron Man because of the action figurines tested much better with child focus groups than other characters such as the Hulk.

Dan Mintz the CEO of DMG Entertainment has a similar vision for the VCU stating:

“Our priority is to build upon Valiant’s vast universe of characters from a filmmaker’s perspective. I’m excited to immerse Valiant’s fans well beyond the stories we tell cinematically — from publishing to gaming to theme parks and beyond.”

It seems that the VCU could act as the springboard for a global empire based on the paths trodden by global behemoths Marvel and DC comics. It could well be the case that by 2030, there could be a third household comic brand.

Why the DMG and Valiant Entertainment Deal Works

It is very obvious what DMG are trying to achieve with the acquisition of Valiant and its early-stage cinematic universe. They are sitting on a global distribution network with a competitive advantage in China, and they need intellectual property to fill it with.

On the other side of the coin, Valiant only have a few films signed on with Sony and they need an established and experienced parent company to produce and distribute their vast library of characters in order to compete with bigger comic book publishers.

By acquiring Valiant Entertainment, DMG may have paved the way for a viable alternative to the superhero universes currently on offer from both Marvel and DC. Whether they will be able to match the size and scale of those cinematic universes, only time will tell.

Valiant Cinematic Universe Debuts With Bloodshot

Valiant Entertainment Cinematic Universe

A lot rests on the first movie Bloodshot.

If Vin Diesel and director Dave Wilson can please both die-hard Valiant comic book fans and some of the wider mainstream public, it could start the ball rolling on other projects in the same universe that are yet to receive the green light.

If the movie tanks, the Valiant Cinematic Universe could die before it’s ever really begun. Here’s to hoping it’s a huge success!



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