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Arcade Games have paved the way for modern Video Game Industry

Arcade Games have paved the way for modern Video Game Industry 

Ever since its birth in the 60’s the gaming world has evolved significantly to become a modern way of life. Nowadays gaming has invaded our daily life and is a part of it. Also, the system is more integrated with technology thus making it surpass any milestones that would prevent its success. Below we are going to have look on how the gaming world transitioned to what it is today.

The Roots of Consoles and The Gaming World.

The first gaming console was released in the 40s at the world fair by doctor Edward Uhler. Uhler’s game was mathematical and as played by more than 50000 individuals during the first six months of launch. However, the game was challenging for most individuals with only 10 percent of gamers winning over the computer. Decades later the world saw the launch of the “brown fox,” the first multiplayer commercial game that could be connected to television sets. The brown fox was later programmed to play several games such as the ping pong, four sports games among others. The game came in with more added features such as a lightgun that aided shooting. 

Later on, the brown fox was licensed to Magnavox who then sold their systems in 1972 to Magnavox Odyssey. Magnavox sold around 300000 consoles before it was discontinued due mismanagement that ultimately led to poor sales. Nonetheless the game had already given birth to the digital gaming that we are often addicted to nowadays.

The Development of Atari and Arcade games.

Afterwards the gaming world transitioned to both Atari and arcade gaming. Sega and Taito companies were the first to dominate the public’s interest in gaming and Arcade Games through the use of electro-mechanical games. Atari, on the other hand, revolutionised the industry around arcade gaming and by 1973 had started selling the first real electronic video games of pong. In addition, this enabled arcade games to feature in bars shopping malls and bowling alleys. As a result, most tech-heads started realising that the market would revolutionise into something bigger thus making more than 15 companies to part in video games development.

Playing Arcade Games on the Web

Arcade Games are also a thing in various casinos. One of the casino software developers stands out in particular, when it comes to Arcade, and thats Playtech. On www.top10-casinosites.com you can find a selection of 10 of the best arcade games made by Playtech, with a short description of each game.

The Birth of both Online and Multiplayer Gaming.

By the late 70s, most organisations and hotels started installing Arcade Games at their centres as a means of attracting clients. Consequently, this increased the competition between players who recorded high scores. As a result, most players yearned to compete on the same screen amongst each other. The breakthrough, however, came in 1973 by the release of “Empire.”
Empire was a strategic game developed by PLATO networks. Empire could accommodate a total of eight players playing at once. Initially, PLATO (Programmed Logic for Automatic Teaching Operation) was a generalised computer teaching. Later on, the organisation was managed by CDC. According to PLATO, it was recorded that users spent 300,000 hours playing Empire. However, PLATO was not meant for the general public but was instead accessed by Atari and other universities.

How The Consoles Became Popular And Commercial.

Later on, game developers realised that the market was on the clients who wanted to have gaming stations at home. As a result, they focused on making gaming an inhouse activity thus making consoles became more accessible to the public. The consoles were later propelled forward by the development of Intel’s first microprocessor. As a result, this led to the creation of multiplayer combat games such as Gunfight. “Gunfight” was a hit for arcade consoles since it has a different style of gameplay. Furthermore, the game was playable using a single joystick that attracted the eyes of curious gamers. 

The Online Transition.

Initially, most developers of the such have Willian von Meister had the vision to make the gaming world live. As a result, he developed the CVC GameLine platform, a platform that allowed users to download games easily. Unfortunately, the platform failed since it never gained the support from the leading game manufacturers at that time.

Later on, the big dogs such as Sega and Nintendo came up with a team of researchers who ensured that the online sphere was a success. To add to this, the development and the continuous growth of the internet since the 2000s have impacted the multiplayer gaming world. Also, unlike in the olden days the internet is not only reliable but also faster than ever. Nowadays, both the servers and equipment used to host online games have become more accessible and are cheaper than in the olden days.
In addition, the development of online marketplaces and storefronts such as the Xbox live have significantly changed how people acquire their games. Furthermore, such sites have not only changed how gamers interact online but have also enhanced the online multiplayer functionality of games.

Our Current Status in Terms of Gaming.

Currently the gaming world has advanced further online and has given rise to esports. Most gaming companies have developed multiplayer platforms that enable them to hold annual competition among players. In such cases players often compete among each other until a winner is crowned. 


The future of gaming is set to be an exciting one full of new technologies that will completely change the cause of history. In addition, the continuous advancements in technology is set to boost the gaming world to a whole new level. However, in as much as the gaming world has always been entertaining, it sets the world on a path of laziness among the youth. Nonetheless, the right approach should ensure that the problem is fixed with zero setbacks

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