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How to Survive Withdrawal Symptoms after Watching the Joker Movie

The Clown Prince of Crime is back again in the Joker Movie, bringing Gotham City to its knees. The new Joker film has propelled the most iconic supervillain in the history of cinema to a new kind of fandom. Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of nihilism and lunacy is spot on. Todd Phillips version of this Jester of Genocide is intriguing, so much so that we cannot seem to shrug off the cinematic magnetism of it. If you are struggling to fight back the withdrawal symptoms just like we are, here are 5 tips you could use as a coping mechanism. Some of these have helped us. We believe it would help you, too.


  • Binge Watch Old Batman Movies


The Joker movie somehow made us miss the Caped Crusader a lot. So, we decided to run a Batman movie marathon and relive old times. We started with the Tim Burton era, moved on to Schumacher, Nolan, and lastly, Ben Affleck. Netflix became our home for a while as we witnessed Gotham’s hero evolve before our very eyes. It did shift our focus from Joker for sure. We strongly suggest you do the same. If not anything, take to YouTube to watch all cut scenes from old Batman movies. Even that helps.


  • Play Batman Video Games


When you’ve watched too many Batman movies and need a break, strain your eyes playing a Batman video game instead. Let the Dark Knight rise and the Joker’s atrophic madness subside. Superhero games of the likes of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City deliver exceptional quality and relay the original Hollywood extravaganza to perfection. Also, if you want to experience gaming that brings real rewards, try out those addictive Batman slot games online. Get over the Harlequin of Hate and fill your pocket.


  • Bury yourself in Batman Comics


It all began with the comics – the birth of an iconic character, a dark avenger and unstoppable crime fighter who has stayed with us for 80 years now! Everything about the World’s Greatest Detective is worth a read. This includes all the Bat books. If you have never read one, you could be overwhelmed and spoilt for choice. Don’t attempt to follow the story from beginning to end; it could turn messy and confusing. Drop the idea of reading everything in one go and treat the comic books as separate stories. Once you’ve read enough, the jigsaw puzzle will be solved and you would see the big picture. Like they say, reading is always a good habit and a voyage of joy. It calms you down and puts you in a better place.


  • Make a Batman Costume for Halloween


Add a little ‘Bam! Pow!’ to your Halloween celebrations this year! The Internet is brimming with loads of Batman cosplay ideas. Pick one and make yourself a superhero costume. And, if you can’t DIY, simply buy one. Just make this happen between now and October 31st. On second thoughts, wouldn’t it take a comic turn if all of us were to walk the streets in glazy black this Halloween? So, here’s Plan B: Go for a complete Joker makeup instead. Or the Riddler. Or Catwoman. Whatever floats your boat!


  • Travel to Batman-Themed Locations


Haven’t you ever heard of the healing power of travel? Hop on a batshit crazy adventure this year. Plan a trip to the iconic film locations where the Dark Knight once roamed and the Joker once lurked. Visit the real, swanky Wayne Manor in Nottingham. Travel to Yas Island to get a glimpse of the Joker Funhouse. Fly to Oklahoma to get a glimpse of the cool Batman figurine collection at the Toy & Action Figure Museum. Put up at Batman-inspired suites and enjoy the exhilarating escape. Meet fellow superhero enthusiasts and sip Batman Late Night Summer Latte at DC Super Heroes Cafe in Marina Bay Sands. The world is your oyster!

Survival is a Talent!

Some movies pack a punch and deliver an impact powerful enough to keep you occupied for days. The new Joker movie is one such masterpiece that has swept us off our feet. It is a stroke of pure genius with solid storytelling and brilliant performances. Although hinged on 80 years of classical comic history, it is impressively fresh and captivating. We are still reeling from post movie withdrawal symptoms and desperately seek recuperation. In a bid to regain our grip on sanity, we have harnessed our inner superpowers and tried out these fun things. We suggest you try them, too.

Final Joker Trailer

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