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The Netflix or Hulu of Comics: What’s Out There When It Comes to Comic Subscription Services?

Netflix or Hulu of Comics

What is The Netflix or Hulu of Comics ? In a world of constant streaming and swiping, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. There is a subscription service for practically everything: TV shows, movies, video games, dog toys, razors – seriously, the list goes on. But what about comics? Fewer and fewer people want physical books, so having a collection online is much easier. That’s where comic subscription services come into play.


An Epic Comic Experience 

There are millions of comics in existence today, and more that emerge all the time. Comic books range from the Marvel universe to bonus Star Wars stories to historical comics, and more. It can be difficult to decide what to read, where to read it, and how best to store it.

Comic subscriptions work like every other subscription service: for a monthly fee, you can have unlimited access to the available comics on the site. These comics often alternate and filter out on a monthly basis. This means you may not have a complete series right away, but you will get access to more content over time until you do.

Here is a list of some of the comic book subscription services you should have on your devices!


Join the DC Universe

Superman toy lieing down

Is Batman the hero you deserve and need right now? Maybe Superman, Aquaman, or even Harley Quinn (whose new movie, Birds of Prey, looks AWESOME, by the way) are more your style. If you love the grit of DC comics, you might want to drop the $7.99/month to gain access to 20,000 comics. Browse their comics based on your hero’s most important adventures, follow your favorite storylines, or catch up on some of DC’s historical (and most influential) series.

What’s Unique About This Service? 

A subscription to the DC Universe also allows you to watch DC shows and movies on your devices. Catch up with the Titans or the Doom Patrol anywhere, anytime.


Unlimited Comics to Marvel At

Hulk toy

With access to 25,000 digital comics and new ones being added every week, Marvel Unlimited is a must-have if you never want to miss out on what’s happening with Cap, Thor, Deadpool, and other Marvel heroes. For $9.99 per month, you’ll get instant and unlimited access to all of the heavy hitters, including Civil War! With phase four of the MCU kicking off with the new Black Widow film, now is the perfect time for you to add this app to your devices.

What’s Unique About This Service? 

Members who sign up for the annual membership also get merch boxes and exclusive deals that can save you money on physical comics and other merchandise.


Game-Changing Motion Comics

Mobile Comics Subscription Services

River Comics is about more than just passively reading and is a contender for The Netflix or Hulu of Comics. When you sign up for their service, you’ll get introduced to exclusive motion comics. The act of experiencing comics becomes a multimedia affair, with sound effects and background music leaping off of every page. Moreover, they have a variety of titles that feature never-before-seen superheroes, epic historical heroes, and beloved ancient gods! They’re the freshest service on the scene (their app is dropping soon), and you’re not going to want to miss their tales of Atlantis, Krishna, and Medusa!

What’s Unique About This Service? 

River Comics actually offers their issues in both English and Hindi, allowing more people to read about historical figures and connect to cultures from all over the world.


Mix It Up

Guy Fawkes StormTroopers The Netflix or Hulu of Comics

When you just can’t choose between all of your favorite heroes from across the multiverses, ComiXology is probably your best bet. With this service, you’ll enjoy access to comics from the biggest publishers, including DC and Marvel, as well as more exclusive and independent ones, like River Comics. They boast a collection of 20,000 comics, which includes manga and longer graphic novels. Not bad for $5.99/month. That leaves plenty of cash left over for tickets to see Rise of Skywalker.

What’s Unique About This Service? 

ComiXology actually allows you to expand on the free content offered as part of your membership when you purchase additional issues at discounted rates.


What Are You Waiting For?

For a comic book lover, this is the obvious next step for subscriptions. While we all have different tastes, there are The Netflix or Hulu of Comics services for everyone to get exactly what they are looking for. From fantasy to adventure and from superheroes to history and anime, there is something for everyone. For a monthly fee, you can be transported to the world of your dreams, sometimes enhanced with sound effects and background music to make it just a bit more real. Take the leap, and dive into a story today!

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